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Institute for International Cooperation

Welcome to the Institute for International Cooperation (IIC), FESTU.

It is my honor and privilege to welcome you to IIC where we provide highly innovative academic programs to make our students critical thinkers positioned to respond to the challenges of a rapidly transforming society. Our aim is to produce professionals who can affect positive changes in their lives and in society in large.

IIC is a new model for international education, a center for regional and global studies, and a source of intellectual support for building open and democratic societies. We are located in Khabarovsk, Russian Far East. Our students come from China, Korea, Japan, USA, Syria, Germany, Israel, Arab Emirates.

IIC as an integral part of FESTU has developed extensive networks with international institutions and Universities.

IIC is aware of challenges international students face from entering a new University. The challenges relate to students feeling part of the University community, level of interaction with other students, career planning and development. The department is keen to ensure realization of the full academic and personal potential of all students. The University College provides free and confidential counselling services to registered students to address personal or emotional problems

At the core of its mission, IIC is defined by a set of principles: pursuit of the truth wherever the inquiry may lead; respect for the diversity of cultures and peoples; support for the integrity and dignity of individuals; and commitment to resolve differences through rational debate and the instrument of democracy.

This is what we hope to offer you at Institute for International Cooperation. I honestly hope that FESTU will be your priority choice because of its serene academic environment and its excellent and outstanding faculty

Enjoy yourself in your further explorations,
Director of the
Institute for International Cooperation,
Olga G. Zlobina