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FESTU Facilities

FESTU has 3,158 computers used in the departments of FESTU, 2,293 of them are in the main campus and 865 are in its branches. Ninety computer classrooms and laboratories are involved in the educational process. FESTU introduces new information technologies in teaching students and training engineering personnel, such as: distance learning, electronic textbooks, multimedia educational systems. FESTU has its own IT network which encompasses branch networks through IP-VPN channels (for FESTU branches in the cities of the Far Eastern Federal District: Ussuriysk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Svobodnyi, Tynda and Neryungri).

The branches of FESTU have basic internet services with the university network: e-mail, electronic document circulation, access to ACS University databases, IP-telephony, educational resources of the Distance Education Center, video and audio conferencing and the possibility to deliver on-line lectures and consultations with students.

FESTU's network is based on modern cable tools and network technologies. The interaction of the central point of switching and 42 points of network switching is provided by fiber-optic communication lines with a capacity of 1000 Mbit/sec.

A Wi-Fi network is installed in the main building of the university and allows you to get free access to the educational resources of the Distance Education Center and University Library from your personal computer.

All FESTU dormitories are equipped with Internet access as well as free access to all educational resources of the university. All FESTU buildings and dormitories have information kiosks where you can find information modules "Applicant", "Timetable" and "Exam Timetable" to compliment traditional methods of providing information.

A resource base of FESTU's Data Processing Center (DPC) is being developed. Currently 30 servers of FESTU's network are transferred to a new hardware base. The modernization of the core corporate network by going to a more modern and powerful router was completed. The implementation of these projects allowed increasing productivity and improving the reliability of the university corporate network.

FESTU has a high-speed Internet access with the speeds: 10 Mbit/s, 8 Mbit/s, 2 Mbit/s. Internet access is available by any computer connected to the network, and from any computer class in particular. This allows more intensive use of information technologies in the educational process.

Computer ClassroomComputer ClassroomStudents and the university staff have constant access to the following reference systems: Garant+, Consultant +, Codex, etc., as well as the library's electronic catalog and educational materials.

There are educational and research centers in the University, which provide training and certification of students and experts according to the programs of the world's leading manufacturers of hardware and software, such as:


  • Cisco Network Academy
  • Teaching and Research Center of Information Security
  • Microsoft IT Academy