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Our Foreign Students

FESTU foreign studentsFESTU welcomes students from foreign countries to study at the university. Here you won't find any restriction for an admission in terms of race or nationality. Knowledge and wish to learn more and more is the main criteria.

Currently there are more than 300 young people from China, South and North Korea, Vietnam, Japan, USA, and Armenia who take classes in Management, Logistics, Project Management, Telecommunication, Mechanical, Electrical, and Construction Engineering.

International students have equal rights with Russians. At the same time they must follow immigration rules and FESTU internal regulations.

Students are expected to learn Russian language. The rule here is that every student involved in academic studies must carry the special state certificate "Russian as Foreign Language" of First Level (for bachelor studies) and Second Level (for Master or Magister studies).

Every year international students join Far Eastern festival in Vladivostok at the Far Eastern Federal University. Last year we were the Silver Prize Winner.

International students stay in FESTU dormitory sharing living space with Russian students.