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Our Foreign Students

foreign students

Citizens from all over the world are welcomed to study at FESTU. There are no restrictions on admission to the university on the basis of race or nationality. The main criteria for your training here are knowledge and desire to study.

FESTU trains experts in information technology, economics, transport construction and other innovative industries.

There are about 380 young people from China, the Republic of Korea, the DPRK, Vietnam, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan study at FESTU today. Students attend classes in management, logistics, project management, telecommunications, mechanics, electricity and construction, service and tourism.

Foreign students have equal rights with Russian citizens and study together with Russian students. At the same time they must comply with the immigration rules and FESTU internal rules.

Foreign students live in the dormitories at FESTU campus.

Foreign students must learn Russian language. Each student must have a special "Russian as a foreign language" (TORFL) state certificate of the first level (for undergraduates) and of the second level (for postgraduates). Russian language proficiency will help you in your future professional carrier. Over 260 million people speak Russian all over the world today! It is the most widely spoken language in Europe and the 8th in the world in the number of speakers.

Since 2016, foreigners are required to have a voluntary medical insurance (VMI). VMI must be issued on the first day of stay in the country, regardless of the purpose of entering the territory of the Russian Federation.

Over the years, Russian education (including that obtained at FENU) has become more accessible for foreigners and adapted to various ethnic groups, since studies are being carried out on the specifics of the national psychological characteristics of various people. These studies helped FESTU to create appropriate educational conditions for foreign students.


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