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Rector`s welcome

BurovcevVVRector of FESTU.

Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting the official web site of Far Eastern State Transport University!

In the modern world with open borders anyone can choose a higher educational institution that suits them best, no matter where it is located. The main thing here is your will to learn new things and the university’s capability to give you the necessary knowledge.

Maybe you came to this website just out of curiosity, but I hope that eventually this curiosity will turn into a conscious interest, and you will definitely find exactly what you need in our extensive list of educational programs.

The University actively collaborates with many partner universities in the Republic of Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam and other countries.

Here at FESTU students can fulfill their scientific, creative and sport initiatives.

FESTU trains experts, who are capable of dealing with complex and unconventional issues. Our graduates work not only in the Russian Far Eastern Federal District, but also in various companies across Russia, and abroad.

FESTU develops modern educational and information technologies, innovative scientific and applied projects.

We are looking forward to see you in our university! There is no doubt that you are going to be proud of becoming the student and then the graduate of Far Eastern State Transport University!

Vladimir Burovcev

Acting Rector of FESTU