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Founder of the University

Russian Federation government is the founder of Far Eastern State Transport University. Federal Agency of Railway Transport is authorized to fulfill the duties of the founder of the university according to the Russian Federation government’s order №1753r from 31.12.2004.

FARTThe Heraldic Symbol of The Federal Agency of Railway TransportFederal Agency of Railway Transport was established in 2004. It is a part of a three-level system with Ministry of Transport and Federal Authority for Transport Control & Oversight.

The main function of the Federal Agency of Railway Transport is to implement policy of the Government in the sphere of railway transport: to improve quality of service, to cease transport expenses in economics, to recover competitive possibilities of the Russian Railways at the international transport market. A special Council was established inside the Agency which efficiently helps to coordinate activities of directors of territorial departments of the Federal Agency of Railway Transport, entities in charge and educational institutions of higher, secondary, postgraduate and optional education.

Legal address of the Federal Agency of Railway Transport: building 1, 11 Staraya Basmannaya Str.,Moscow, 105064,Russian Federation.

Website: http://en.roszeldor.ru/