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Extracurricular Activities


Student Life

Student life is a stage of high apprenticeship through lectures, seminars, colloquia and laboratory works for the bases of professionalism and mastership. Not only that, there are exciting, bright and memorable students extracurricular activities.

The main areas of FESTU extracurricular activities

Department of Youth Initiatives Support (DYIS)

DYIS successfully develops various forms of student government at FESTU.

DYIS deals with: organization of student leaders from various backgrounds; coordination of the Student Council for FESTU as well as student councils for training departments and dormitories; development of the volunteer group "Dynamics"; implementation of the program "I Choose Life"; administrative and creative projects, organizational and educational directions.

Goals of DYIS: to create conditions for the formation of business skills, to develop leadership skills, to gain experience on solving vital and professional issues, as well as performing administrative functions and social roles.

Highlights projects of DYIS: Freshmen Adaptation Program for students who live on campus, module game "Traditions and Prospects: The Key to Success", quest game "Express", and the competitive game "Technique of Good Governance".

Following are courses offered for the student activists with DYIS:

  • School of Management for chairmen and student governments of training departments.
  • School for student government leaders in the dormitories.
  • School for instructors of healthy lifestyle "One Wave"
  • School for leaders and school administrators
  • School of public supervisors.

The classes in these schools cover basics of management, psychology of management and communication and necessary organizational skills.

FESTU volunteer group "Dynamics" organizes social activities.

A competition for the best student government in the dorms of FESTU takes place every year.

DYIS realizes the program of healthy lifestyle "I Choose Life".

Department of Moral and Ideological Education

The Museum of History of FESTU is the most effective form of student patriotic education.

Work of the Museum is organized in the following areas: research work with students, sightseeing tours, special exhibitions on important historic dates of Russia and FESTU, and the political life of Russia.

Events of patriotic education of students are supported by the Scientific and Technical Library of FESTU, Council of Veterans, Curators' Institute of FESTU, DYIS, Department "Theory and History of State and Law", and the Administration of the Railway District of Khabarovsk.

Physical Culture and Sport

FESTU has a well-equipped sports complex which includes:

  • a universal gym;
  • 6 gyms for different kinds of sport;
  • 2 indoor track and field arenas;
  • indoor swimming pool which includes 4 tracks (25 meters);
  • 2 tennis courts;
  • 5 athletic fields (two for basketball, one for mini soccer, one for beach volleyball and one for volleyball);
  • a stadium.

Ping-pong TrainingPing-pong TrainingSwimming ContestSwimming ContestStudents Against the Climbing Wall BackroundStudents Against the Climbing Wall BackroundWrestlingWrestlingBasketball TeamBasketball Team


Indoor Soccer MatchIndoor Soccer MatchThe FESTU sports complex provides facilities for training for student club "Locomotive" and 21 university sport teams such as sambo, wrestling, chess, Greco-Roman wrestling, table tennis, swimming, soccer, boxing, etc. Among 600 students involved in sports activities at FESTU are winners of Championships, World Cups, European and Russian Cups.

More than 2,000 students take part in annual sport games.


Student Club

Students of FESTU take an active part in amateur artistic work. Such collectives are a show group "Planet Hollywood", studio of folk dance "Samotsvety", modern dance studio "Resonance", variety dance studio "Antre", break show "Creative", mixed chorus "Magisral'", and chorus of the Ukrainian song "Mriya". These groups are winners of regional and all-Russians contest projects. In 2011 show group "Planet Hollywood" and studio of folk dance "Samotsvety" have confirmed the honorary title "People's Collective of Artistic Amateur Activity".

Student Union

More than 80% of full-time students are members of the Student Union. The Student Union develops initiative and organizational culture of students; conducts training outdoor seminars "Leader", "Ryasanovka"; organizes self-government and leisure time in dormitories of FESTU; supports socially unprotected students.

The student club KVN of FESTU (Rus: Klub Vesyolyh i Nakhodchivyh; Eng: Club of the Funny and Inventive) is very popular among students. More than 10-15 groups of FESTU take part in the work of this club. The FESTU student team is a champion of the Pacific League of KVN, a finalist of Moscow and Krasnodar League, and a member of the Television Premier League of KVN.

Student labour groups have existed in FESTU since 1996. Annually the Headquarters of the Student Construction Brigades of FESTU (SCB) forms from 4 to 6 groups. There are such groups as "Provodnik", "Vuzstroy", "Puteets", and "Energy". The SCB "Dal'nevostochnik" works at Olympics construction sites in Sochi.

Student Scientific Society

Students of the University can participate in the development of scientific work realized in several areas: preparation and organization of student participation in the Olympiads (water supply and sanitation, resistance of materials, computer graphics, higher mathematics, physics, etc.); preparation and organization of student participation in a student research paper competitions, and in scientific conferences and seminars of creative youth.