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IIC history and philosophy

The Institute for INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION was founded by the resolution of the Academic Council of FESTU on February 10, 2012. The activities of the Faculty of International Students laid the foundation for the International Department that has operated since May 28, 2004 in 1993.

Internationalization of science and education is one of the primary goals of the Institute for International Cooperation (IIC).

This direction includes developing the Programs of Academic Mobility in which students, post-graduate students, professors and instructors of FESTU and higher learning institutions of foreign countries participate.

The Programs are executed on the mutual basis in compliance with the Agreements between foreign partner universities. The focus is mainly on organizing cooperation with the higher learning institutions and research organizations of the Asian countries (Chinese Peoples Republic, the Republic of Korea, Korean Peoples Democratic Republic, Vietnam and Japan), America and Europe.

The Programs of Academic Mobility have existed in FESTU since 1993 when the Faculty of International Students was established. The International Department of FESTU was founded on the basis of the Academic Council’s resolution on May 28, 2004.

The University has gained public recognition for its achievements in developing the International Academic Programs: in 2005, it was acknowledged by the International Award of Socrates “For contribution to intellectual development of the contemporary society” and in 2007 – by the International Award “For European Quality”.

Since February 10, 2012 the International Faculty has been reorganized into the Institute for International Cooperation (IIC).

The aim of the IIC activities is integrating into international educational space, raising competitive ability of the IIC on the market of educational services, ensuring quality of educational and scientific activities in compliance with the current world standards.

The main objectives of the IIC are:

  • exporting educational services: enrollment of foreign citizens in the educational institution;
  • importing  educational services: sending Russian citizens to study abroad;
  • organizing academic and scientific exchanges for Russian and foreign students and post-graduate students;
  • organizing of international scientific conferences, symposiums, seminars with participation of Russian and foreign scientists and specialists, including foreign partners;
  • participating in the process of coordinating the education development within the framework of Bologna Agreement.

The Institute for International Cooperation offers various academic programs for Russian and international students.

For Russian students, the IIC offers not only the opportunity to study at FESTU, but also to choose the Programs of Academic Mobility for students that allow them to combine studies both in Russia and abroad and to receive two Diplomas of Higher Education: the official (State) Russian Diploma of the Degree “Bachelor of Management” and the International Diploma of the Degree “Bachelor of Business Administration” (BBA) of the university-partner.

The advantages of the joint Programs:

  • two Diplomas of Higher Education after finishing studies at the university: Russian and International;
  • an opportunity of further studies for Master’s Degree in Russia and abroad;
  • abroad in the process of studying, an opportunity to work off-class time;
  • internship in successful foreign companies after finishing studies at the university.