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International Sybersecurity Contest

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A team of FESTU students took part took part in the "Russkiy Defense Game" -  an international information security competition, hosted by the Far Eastern Federal University on Russkiy Island (Vladivostok). The team included Evgeny Kan, Eduard Gudz, Alexey Volkov (group 24K) and Denis Bridko, Artem Zubkov (group 943). 

For ten hours straight students from leading universities of the Russian Far East and the BRICS countries competed in the protection and analysis of vulnerabilities of information systems and websites, data recovery, computer forensics and cryptanalysis.

The competition was held in two stages: a case-championship for organizing an enterprise defense system and a competition in the "capture the flag" format. Contestants were also searching for vulnerabilities to the information systems and websites of mock-ups of transport, energy, infrastructure, educational facilities and governmental bodies represented at the special booth.

The contest was organized by the FEFU Information Security Center with the support from the Primorsky Krai Administration. Event was sponsored by Infotex Group, Positive Technologies and DNS company.